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Why The Debate Over Creationism Matters

I suspect that many regular readers of this blog already have a sense of why the subjects of creationism, evolution, and science education are important. But the blog Undeception does an excellent job of explaining why the subject is important for Christians. Take a look! Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Ted Ohio touches on the subject [Read More…]

Biblioblog Top 50 November 2008

NT Wrong has announced that I have been dethroned from the top place in his Top 50 Bibliobloggers ranking. I’ve slid down all the way to 3rd place this past month. That’ll teach me to spend so much time working on my conference papers… Congratulations to Ben Witherington and Mark Goodacre, who took first and [Read More…]

Who Do You Say That Jesus Is?

Today in Sunday school class we began our series on the person of Jesus. We began by briefly discussing what historical study can and cannot do, and our tendency to project our interests and values onto Jesus. Rather than follow that with a survey of the New Testament writings relevant to the subject, or the [Read More…]

Low-Budget Dharma

Most LOST fans are presumably aware of the e-mail announcements that LOST producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have purchased the Dharma Initiative, which was hurting badly as a result of the financial crisis. There is now a new web page for “Dharma Special Access”. There is no content yet, but you can in the [Read More…]

850,000 Pounds in Christian Aid?

I often post warnings about scam e-mails, but the one I just received is really quite remarkable. It came from the address with the title “Christian Aid Grant No. (CAG: 21 5 A 68)”. The gist of the e-mail is that, in an effort to combat poverty, I will be given 850,000 pounds Sterling. [Read More…]

Neo-Pagan Pleads With Liberal Christian To Help Him Find His Way

David Ker seemed troubled that the Beliefnet Belief-O-Matic quiz he took categorized him as a Liberal Christian. David should be pleased, and perhaps help me find my way back to the true fold. The same quiz thinks I’m a Neo-Pagan! At least if that one doesn’t appeal to me, I have liberal Quaker and Reform [Read More…]

Link Fixed (I Hope!)

I apologize that the link to my conference paper on Mark’s missing ending did not work initially. I think the length of the file name may have been the problem. I’ve shortened it and it seems to be working now. The new link address is – Missing Ending of Mark (SBL 2008).pdf Let me [Read More…]

Mandaeans in the News

Thanks to Jim West for drawing attention to an article in the Tuscaloosa News about the Mandaeans and the humanitarian crisis they face. The Mandaeans do not accept converts, their numbers are dwindling, and they are being scattered as refugees and immigrants to various parts of the world. Without converts and without a community of [Read More…]

Conference Papers (SBL 2008)

I’ve finally gotten around to converting my conference papers from this year into pdf files and making them available online. Here are the links: Mandaean Polemic Mark’s Missing Ending Feedback is always appreciated! Let me know if for some reason a link doesn’t work. [Read more…]

Marmoset Song/Me Ears Are Alight

My sister sent me a link to this video, and I think many readers may appreciate the way it illustrates how communication can go wrong (admittedly not always with such amusing results)… It reminded me of a commercial from a while back that made the same point using different song lyrics (which I wasn’t too [Read More…]