Evidence for Evolution around the Blogosphere

Nature has made available a helpful resource about 15 gems of evolution. Meanwhile Ken Miller (HT AIG Busted, see also John Pieret) takes on disinformation about ID and the Dover trial. Sandwalk picks his top 10 articles on evolution from New Scientist. Michael Dowd has a list of evolutionary resources. Mike Beidler blogs about a creationist attempt at DIY peer review. Steve Matheson discusses evolution’s speed limit. The Austringer blogs on an IDC vs. FSM smackdown. Jeffrey Shallit tests your knowledge of information theory (also at Panda’s Thumb, the year in ID). Troy Britain blogs about intermediate fossils. There’s a new video about “appearance of age” debuting at Beyond the Firmament. Mike L blogged about incarnation and evolutionary biology. And don’t forget that this is a momentous year for all things related to Darwin (as well as for astronomy).

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