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A Closed Challenge to Neo-Darwinists

Uncommon Descent is such a hilarious place, I probably ought to have visited there more often than I have lately. For instance, Thomas Cudworth has posted what he calls An Open Challenge to Neo-Darwinists: What Would It Take to Falsify Your Theory? The funny part is that people like me, who would love to respond [Read More…]

Fearfully and Wonderfully Evolved

Today in my Sunday school class, we had our “evolution weekend” conversation that was postponed from last Sunday, when I was away at the Midwest SBL meeting. Many of the points that came up are ones that I’ve made before on this blog and elsewhere. For instance, I emphasized that there is nothing specifically limited [Read More…]

Darwin Was Wrong

Having had a chance to reflect somewhat on the (obviously sensationalist) headline from the cover of a recent issue of New Scientist, I think that it does more good than harm. Let me explain why. First, this cover helpfully (if potentially misleadingly) illustrates that Darwin’s theory is not being shielded from criticism by an atheistic [Read More…]

Weapons in the War on Science

I happened across a blog, “Science and Values”, to which I regret providing a link as it may contribute to them gaining Technorati or some other sort of “authority” they do not deserve. The most recent post illustrates the tactics used by deceitful individuals determined not only to attack science without warrant, but to give [Read More…]

God and Transhumanism

The science fiction web site IO9 picked up on my blog entry about robots named John and their questions for God, resulting in some interesting discussions both there and here. On a related subject, Metanexus’ online magazine The Global Spiral has an issue focusing on transhumanism. The title of the issue is “H+:Transhumanism Answers Its [Read More…]

LOST Lamp Post

Tonight’s episode of LOST was unusual, simply because it released tension rather than simply creating it. Things that we knew were bound to happen, things that we wondered about, we finally got to see. I won’t go into details, but those who have yet to see the episode may still wish to refrain from reading [Read More…]

Machines Named John and their Questions for God

Recent episodes of science fiction television have converged on the theme of androids named John coming up with questions for God. And what interesting questions they are! On the episode that marked the return of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, robot John Henry continues his education by playing with Bionicle action figures, as well as [Read More…]

Walt, LOST in Time?

I’ve been thinking about the introduction of time travel to LOST, and the interaction of the time-skippers with people in the past. I suspect that at some point, Walt will return to the island, but the island has been moved in time and so he will return at a point in the past, and will, [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Michael Dowd)

“Most religious traditions portray God as exhibiting the very best of human traits toward the tribe or in-group (“those who believe or act like this…”), and the most horrific of human traits toward the out-group (those who fail to believe or act in the prescribed manner). For example, the U.S. Department of Defense defines terrorism [Read More…]

Selected Works

Butler University’s library has begun establishing “Selected Works” pages for faculty, and I had the privilege of being the first (otherwise known as being a “guinea pig”). They’ve managed to get permission from several publishers to make the full text of some of my articles and reviews available, and probably will add more as the [Read More…]