Recession Hits The Galactic Empire

Apparently the economic struggles of the present day are not limited to our planet or our galaxy. Here’s a video of ex-Emperor Palpatine’s struggle to find work here on Earth:

(HT SF Signal)

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  • Real Live Preacher

    My laughing was so loud it frightened my youngest daughter. Let seem what would that be?…..lolfmyd

  • James Pate

    Have you ever seen the Chad Vader saga?

  • James F. McGrath

    No, but do tell me more!

  • James Pate

    You can see it on YouTube. I stumbled on it when I saw the Palpatine looking for a job clip. Chad Vader is the brother of Darth, and he looks and sounds just like him (only he’s thinner). He’s the dayshift manager at Empire Supermarkets. It’s hilarious, and well-done!