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Keener on the Gospels and the Historical Jesus

There’s an article at The Bible and Interpretation (based on Craig Keener’s book The Historical Jesus of the Gospels) about the Gospels as sources about the historical figure of Jesus. Given the interest many readers of this blog have in this topic, I thought I should share a link! [Read more…]

How Unbiblical Was Darwin? How Pre-Scientific Is the Bible?

Many discussions about religion and science focus on whether evolution via natural selection is compatible with what we find in the Bible. What is often ignored is just how much of our current understanding of the world is simply not in the Bible at all. Ian Monroe decided to go through Darwin’s famous On The [Read More…]

Neither Skepticism Nor Faith

Skepticism that is only skeptical of the views of others, and is only directed at evidence that runs counter to one’s own beliefs and assumptions, isn’t skepticism at all. Faith that only involves believing the the things one already believes, and is only directed at the things that one already presupposes to be true, isn’t [Read More…]

LOST Lighthouse

[SPOILER ALERT] I was very tempted to call this blog post the “return of Adam and Eve.” In tonight’s episode we got to see once again the cave, the skeletons, and the coffin from which Christian Shepherd’s body was missing. We are being reminded, presumably because it is important. And Hurley himself raises the possibility that [Read More…]


I wonder if any of the bibliobloggers who read this blog are also members of the American Oriental Society (or other comparable organizations). I’m wondering whether, given my interest in the Mandaeans (and increasingly in Syriac Christian literature as well), it is an organization I ought to look into joining. Or would my interest in [Read More…]

Is “The Bible Alone” an Oxymoron?

I liked the point Doug Chaplin made recently (even though he called it “a cheap shot”): “the Bible alone” doesn’t tell us which books should be in it. He has now followed up by asking whether “the Bible alone” is an oxymoron. It should be an interesting discussion. [Read more…]

Mythicism and Paradigm Shifts

We all look at evidence through the lens of theories and other frames of reference. Sometimes sufficient evidence accumulates that does not fit with a theory, with the result that it is abandoned and a different theory is adopted, one that better accounts for the evidence (or for more of the evidence). In the mean time, when there [Read More…]

Mythicism and Historicism as Theories (and an Altar Call to Take a Leap of Doubt)

Discussion of mythicism continues around the blogosphere. Eric Reitan has posted on the topic of mythicism. Neil Godfrey also has posted two rejoinders. I was rather disheartened to read a comment there from someone who said he reads my blog regularly and was disappointed at what he perceived as my closed-mindedness about the existence of Jesus. That [Read More…]

Secretly Filmed Creation Debate

From the British Center for Science Education via The Dispersal of Darwin. On a related note, Mike Beidler continues searching for truth in “The Truth Project”. [Read more…]

New Star Wars Action Figure: The Force

A student shared this great new Star Wars action figure on the religion and sci-fi course blog, and I thought it deserved to be shared with a wider audience: [Read more…]