Videos Galore! Noah, the Arkeologists and Much More!

There are lots of interesting video items today. Jim West and the ASOR blog share the ABC News coverage of the latest alleged discovery of Noah’s Ark, featuring Eric Cline. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible to embed it here, but it is definitely worth watching.

Bible Films Blog shares that the documentary “Jesus Christ Movie Star” is on YouTube:

PZ Myers and Ruth Gledhill share a video of a graduate who repents of her education, then collapses.

Sansblogue has a post about Bob Cargill’s use of YouTube (see also Bob Cargill’s own blog), while Eruesso links to the PBS documentary The Buddha on YouTube.

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  • Oh my goodness! I liked the man to her left that started looking in his book…I wonder if he was wondering where this was written in the commencement ceremony!

  • Actually, in the unlikely event that the Ark find does indeed turn out to be some sort of ocean craft, then this should be thought of as Ut-Naphistim's Ark, since the Babylonian story predates the Biblical one by over 1000 years, and in fact was cribbed by the Babylonians from even older Sumerian sources. I'm fairly certain they're not going to find some sort of brass plate with Noah's name stamped on it. But never mind all that, we're 99.9% sure.

  • Bad vibrations for me from this video, as it evokes a flashback of a 'fatal attraction' I once had where the attraction had secretly followed me and my date into a movie theater. In the darkness, she walked to the front of the screen to begin screaming at the top of her lungs, "Keika I know you're in here, I saw your car outside and you are with another woman!"It was such a religious experience for me, as we scurried away in the darkness through popcorn and candy wrappers, back to the ticket booth where my date collected the refund and I suggested to the ushers that some crazy patron was complaining about the focus on their projectors. Woody Allen could not have been funnier that night.

  • All I could think after watching the girl/woman is how completely self-indulgent she was. She took a graduation ceremony meant for hundreds of people and turned it into her own personal crusade and sideshow.Of course…I am sure she won't see it that way.

  • all I could think of after watching the girl was two things:(1) How it typifies a sick religious mind (not a healthy one, of course)(2) How pathetically slow those who know it is sick are to respond because she used all the magic religious jargon — it was like a flash light in their eyes. It shows how religion can blind ! Not only did those up front not say anything, but she should have been heckled off stage by the audience (if they were healthy).

  • Jay

    @Sabio -Spot on.I would have expected that the benediction would have had to have been approved beforehand, so I wonder if she pulled a switch at the last minute. Looking at the reactions, though, I can't help but think that they were just hoping she'd wrap up quickly and get off the stage until she started her breakdown.