Archives for July 19, 2010

The Culture of Christian Conservatism

There have been several posts in the blogosphere about conservative Christianity or the Religious Right. First, Art Boulet writes of the love of the fight in conservative circles. Here’s a sample: “i didn’t go to seminary so that i could get a ‘heresy hunter’ license and claim my spot among machen’s warrior children. i went [Read More…]

Writing IS Thinking: A Case for Academic Blogging

An article by Kerry Ann Rockquemore in Inside Higher Ed provides encouragement to academics and students when it comes to writing, but also makes the the best case I’ve heard for academic blogging, even without bringing blogging into the picture explicitly. [Read more…]

Building a Better Blogger

Thanks to The Bible Critic for pointing out that Blogger now has a draft of a new feature: blog stats! Simply go to “Blogger in draft” at the address It is a new feature and so you won’t get stats before this month. But for the future this will be a fantastic addition to [Read More…]