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Academic Exchange Quarterly Seeking Manuscripts on Distance Education

I had this forwarded to me by a colleague and thought I should share it: Call for Research Articles are needed for Academic Exchange Quarterly Featured Editors: Alys Jordan and Matt Buckley We are looking for Research Manuscripts which are between 2000-5000 words that address some of the following questions: 1. What are the best [Read More…]

Going Paperless at Conferences

Profhacker today has an article on going paperless at conferences – both as a presenter and an attendee. [Read more…]

All Things Biblical Around the Blogosphere…Studies Carnival, Love Song, and Literalism

The Biblical Studies Carnival is coming. Submit your entries soon! In an update to their Valentine’s Day competition, Eisenbrauns has posted a video of a performance of אשה יפה (“Pretty Woman” in Hebrew). You can listen to it while you read the rest of this post… Richard Hall quotes Jeremy Young on whether questioning is unbelief.Rachel Held [Read More…]

Michael Zimmerman on the Good, the Bad, and the Intelligently Designed

Michael Zimmerman has two new pieces on his Huffington Post blog. The first is part four in his series “Profiles in Evolutionary Courage” – in this case, focusing on Zack Kopplin, the Louisiana high school student who has started a grass roots campaign to defend science education in his state and overturn a law aimed at [Read More…]

Around the Unbiblical Blogosphere

Otagosh and Tim Bulkeley both discuss slaughtering the Canaanites. Steve Douglas reviews chapter 9 of Thom Stark’s The Human Faces of God.John Shuck has a blog post that is not based on the Bible (but is based on something I wrote here). Doug Chaplin notes the oddity of Protestants emphasizing obeying the Bible.Lauri Lebo reports on [Read More…]

A Selection of YouTube Videos Related to the Mandaeans

I will be presenting an overview of the Mandaeans and their religion in class today, and this is a collection of useful videos, some of which I will show in class. Mandaean baptisms around the world Persecution of Mandaeans in their historic homelands Mandaean worship adapts to the Australian context [Read more…]

Ancient and Modern Memory

The blog Bad Rhetoric linked to a piece in the New York Times Magazine connecting modern feats of memory with the ancient Greeks’ discovery of how to utlize memory more effectively. Those interested in the memory of people in the Greco-Roman era, or just interested in remembering things in the present, will find it interesting – and [Read More…]

Flat Earth in (not so) Modern Mechanics

Thanks to Ed Babinski for pointing out two pieces related to flat earth views, one of which features an article from a 1931 issue of Modern Mechanics, offering $5,000 to anyone who can prove the earth is spherical. [Read more…]

Falling Angels and Ringing Cellphones in Humorous Videos around the Blogosphere

I was rather struck by the seemingly reciprocal connection between a post at Remnant of Giants, examining an interpretation of the Genesis story about sons of God and daughters of men which placed the blame on those alluring human females, and a post at Clayboy highlighting an advertisement in which a particular body spray causes [Read More…]

Trusting the Bible vs. Trusting Human Reason

I have often encountered fundamentalists who made the antithesis referred to in this title, placing themselves in the first part and me in the second, of course. And so I thought perhaps it might be worthwhile sharing a brief thought on this subject. The contrast is utter bunk. Let me explain why. There are two [Read More…]