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Happy Easter!

From me and Rimsky-Korsakov: [Read more…]

James the Brother of the Lord and Mythicism

Neil Godfrey has posted a “response” from Earl Doherty that nicely illustrates, as usual, why mythicism is not taken seriously by most people, but more importantly pretty much anyone with actual expertise in history and a genuine interest in applying historical methods to learn about the past. The post is in fact intended to provide [Read More…]

Latvian Sacred Music

Here are a couple of snippets of contemporary choral music by Latvian composers. Latvia has one of the richest and most remarkably vibrant cultures of choral singing I have ever encountered. First, the only excerpt from Passion and Resurrection by Ēriks Ešenvalds which I managed to find on YouTube. I had the privilege of hearing the [Read More…]

Good Friday Around the Blogosphere

Kim Fabricius reposted a Good Friday sermon encouraging you to lose your faith. Undeception looks at how many Christians misunderstand justice. See too Randal Rauser’s post on the death of Jesus and imputation. Deirdre Good blogs Frank Martin’s “Golgotha.” If that’s not your cup of tea, then you can try Bruce Springsteen. and Nick Norelli recommend [Read More…]

Good Friday News: Jesus Gets Life in Prison

The CNN Belief Blog reported about a group that decided to retry the case of Jesus, as a way of exploring the story and asking how it might have played out in a different time and context. [Read more…]

Christianity, Confidence and Chuck

I haven’t had an opportunity to mention con artists and confidence men since Sawyer and his fellow crash survivors went into the light. [sob, sniffle] The last episode of Chuck brought the subject up again, however, and at one point focused on the fact that “con” comes from “con man” which comes from “confidence man,” [Read More…]

The Bible and Related Topics Around the Blogosphere

At Jesus Creed, RJS takes on some recent statements from Al Mohler. There are some points at which a recent series on BioLogos also seems relevant to that exchange. John Byron and Scot McKnight talk about the tendency towards universalism in our time. Paul Flesher comments on the James Ossuary. Deane Galbraith continues his review [Read More…]

Digitized Lexicons and Other Books

Via AWOL and AMIR, several digitized books of linguistic and scholarly interest: The Jewish National and University Library Digitized Book Repository Oriental Institute Demotic Dictionary Arabic Dictionaries:al-Jawharî: Tâj al-lugha wa-sihâh al-‘arabiyyaIbn Manzûr, Lisân al-‘arabaz-Zabîdî, Tâj al-‘arûsal-Azharî, Tahdhîb al-lugha [Read more…]

Addicted to Blogging

Thanks to Rod of Alexandria for posting a link to a quiz designed to determine if you’re addicted to blogging. Here’s my result… 80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? No really, I can quit any time I want to… If you’re looking for something to blog about, Jim Getz suggests blogging your prediction about when [Read More…]

Society of Biblical Literature 2011 International Meeting Schedule Online

The SBL International Meeting in London in July has its schedule searchable online. It is possible to browse and to search by surname. [Read more…]