FEMA Helps Rescue Millions of Blogs and Comments Caught in Google Blogger Disaster

As people around the country reeled from the collapse of Blogger, FEMA teams quickly sprang into action and, through their quick wits and patient rescue efforts, managed to save comments, posts, and in some cases whole blogs that might otherwise have been lost in the cyber-landslide that afflicted Blogger this past Thursday.

Lone FEMA rescue worker surveys Blogger wreckage Friday

A FEMA spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous, emphasized the important behind-the-scenes roles that FEMA plays in such cases. “When a basement flooded after Hurricane Katrina and killed a New Orleans blogger, most neighbors didn’t know that person was there. It was readers of the person’s blog who felt the loss most strongly. After Katrina, we realized that salvaging not only bloggers but the blogs themselves would need to become a top priority. And just as people did not want to leave pets behind, many people were concerned that unsaved blog comments they had been typing would be lost. This is a new era, when salvaging people’s cyber-identities and cyber-presence can seem as important as saving actual people,” the FEMA spokesperson said.

Although it seems as though through their heroic efforts no actual blogging perished in the disaster, some blog comments are still living in trailers as of this time.

OK, the post above is obviously satire. But I thought I’d post it as a prelude to asking whether anyone’s comments have still not been “rescued.” If you have lost a beloved comment in the disaster, let me know and I’ll send a rescue team in to see if it can still be recovered.

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