Soma: An International Journal of Theological Discourses and Counter-Discourses

A new electronic, peer reviewed, open access journal in theology launched during AAR/SBL. Here is the information about the journal from its web site,

Soma is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access theology journal published online in the heart of Africa. The title, Soma, is a hybridized word. In Greek it is a noun. It means “body”. In Swahili it is a verb. It means “to read” or “to study”. This journal seeks to develop a body of theological knowledge, practice, and reflection across languages, cultures, disciplines and economic backgrounds. In these interstitial spaces and moments theological discourses and theological counter-discourses will emerge. Consequently, while the journal is interested in modern theology generally, it will give priority to theologizing that is consciously done on the boundaries or margins of well-established theological discourses and theologizing that is done on the boundaries or margins of society. 

  • Soma is a peer-reviewed international theology journal with the highest standards of academic practice.
  • Soma features the thought and practice of leading theologians from around the world.
  • Soma gives opportunities for “emerging voices” to be heard.
  • Soma gives free access to current and emerging theological thought and practice.

It is based at St. John’s University in Tanzania, where my good friend Robert Heaney teaches and is the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research. Click though to read his brief editorial, then browse the journal and spread the word!

The editorial board contains some famous names.

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  • Gary

    Soma is a happy pill in Huxley’s “Brave New World”. A connection, maybe?

  • That, in turn, derives from the use of a narcotic names “Soma” by the ancient Indians in their rituals.