The Praying Jewbacca

Jeff Carter is continuing his depiction of sci-fi and comic book characters in poses and frameworks of religious iconography. Here’s his latest, which he calls “The Praying Jewbacca” since it is based on Marc Chagall’s painting “The Praying Jew.”

It is good to see that he is expanding to include other religious traditions, since the images thus far have for the most part drawn from Christianity (see for instance “Hulk Want In,” based on the traditional depiction of Jesus standing at the door and knocking).

The picture reminds me of the story “On Venus, Have We Got A Rabbi!” by William Tenn. And I was surprised to discover that this is not the first depiction of Chewbacca as Jewish – I have found at least three!

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  • Brad Matthies

    That took my breath away. Nicely played.

  • Jeff Carter

    @google-540584a18dd1df85d7901f9c67bc768c:disqus – thank you.  

    @James – I’ve restricted myself to Christian (and now Jewish… though I was hesitant to do this one) images thus far because it’s the only one I feel qualified to parody.  I wouldn’t want others to think that I am denigrating their faith in my ignorance.

  • I understand. I had a student do a caricature of a current issue using the classic image of the goddess Kali stepping on Shiva, and I had some Hindus tell me that they found the picture (which I shared on my blog) offensive.

    I won’t be surprised if at some point someone complains to you about one of them (if I had to guess, probably the one with Spiderman).

    But I am sure you will have many more enthusiastic expressions of appreciation than complaints! 🙂