Help Needed With The Burial of Jesus

I was tempted to say “the reburial of Jesus” or “second Burial of Jesus” in the title of this post, but having recently discussed the Talpiot tomb and related topics, I feared that might result in misunderstandings. Even so, I hope you enjoy the double meaning of the title.

My book The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith is going to be published as an ebook by Patheos Press in a second, revised edition. They are looking for scholars to provide blurbs for the Amazon page. If you read the first edition and could provide a short blurb for publicity purposes, please let me know, or just contact Patheos Press directly.

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  • Joel

    What? So, I guess I would have to be a scholar to submit…. Where’s my pdf maker… :) Please let us know when it’s on Kindle so that I can purchase it!

    • James F. McGrath

      I’m also looking for blurbs from church professionals of a variety of sorts… 

    • Casper


  • Cameron

    Hi James,

    I’ll be happy to provide a blurb from a pastor’s perspective. Let me know what’s needed, give me a day or two to reread it and done!

    • James F. McGrath

      Thanks! Feel free to mine your earlier review if it saves you time and effort.