Slow Down: Peanuts Characters Crossing!

Our perception affects our thinking which affects our actions. Could anyone, even if they know what is going on here, fail to slow down?

There’s a cool practical point to take away from this. But it’s also a really cool idea!

Feel free just to enjoy the awesomeness of the image and whoever thought to create something like this. But if you’re so inclined, feel free to discuss how some misperceptions may be advantageous to us in certain respects…

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  • PorlockJunior

    Shouldn’t the third one be barefoot? Swapping Snoopy and Lucy, perhaps.

    Seriously, that’s a beauty. Banksy Meets Holbein or something.

    • I did think about the barefooted one, too!

      It would be interesting to see the image from the other side…and it seems that the actual image when you drive over it looks disturbingly like someone had plowed down and flattened these poor characters!

  • I’d like to see a picture taken from the other side!

  • We see each other as flat 2-dimensional characters, heck, and when we look down, we may even notice that we view ourselves the same way.  But with a little relaxation and careful observation, the world can puff back up and come alive.