Doubt Consolidation

Via Doug Chaplin

"Since you think that everything important to conservatives is excluded and I think that little ..."

Gaps in Jesus’ Fossil Record?
"Let me repeat my question: are you still disagreeing with my statement? Because your reply ..."

Gaps in Jesus’ Fossil Record?
"I don't think that I have outlined a Jesus. I think that E.P. Sanders' facts ..."

Gaps in Jesus’ Fossil Record?
"DH is digital humanities: didn't know what f-gaze is, but some googling came up with ..."

Liquid Scripture at #AARSBL17

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  • Bradley Robert Compton

    My wife and I were talking about this EXACT thing last night.  After months of faith struggles and existential crisis, we simply want to step into a tradition and stop worrying about it. The Episcopal church is where we think we are going to end up.

  • Sabio Lantz

    Fantastic.  One Stop Shopping.  Everything will make sense — well, until reality strikes.  But if you are fortunate, your fantasy will last a lifetime.