What if Starbucks Marketed Like Churches?

Via Mike Friesen

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  • http://digestofworms.blogspot.com/ admiralmattbar

    I’ve enjoyed the recent fad of Christian self-criticism but this one seems like it’s reaching a little.  How many churches lock the door on visitors?  Being somewhat of an introvert I always feel a little uncomfortable with how overly friendly greeters can be in churches, I have never been ignored by a greeter.  Some of these issues seem manufactured for the sake of the video, at least for my church-going experience.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

      I’ve seen doors locked selectively to corral visitors past greeters, which is what I think was going on in the video. But it does indeed depend on one’s experience. I can well imagine some people not getting the “Coffee’s good – All the time” and “Java, Others and You” allusions.

  • Chad

    I think that the key is our heart. If we are trying to fill the seats in our church, people will rightly label us as fake. If our goal is to see people know the living God, I think people will rightly label us as genuine. I wrote a blog based on this video a while back. Read it if you please. http://creeksidebiblechurch.org/churchschicken3/