John’s Apologetic Christology for Kindle

I somehow failed to notice earlier that my first book, John’s Apologetic Christology: Legitimation and Development in Johannine Christology, is available for Kindle, at a much cheaper price than even the paperback version, and a significant reduction off even the digital list price. And so I thought I’d mention it here!

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  • VinnyJH

    But still almost three times what I have ever spent on any other Kindle book.

  • Just Sayin’

    Definitely time you offered a hardcover of this as a prize to one of your Doctor Who-loving readers! :)

  • Alethinon61

    It’s not unusual for academic books that are available in a Kindle edition to be more expensive than other books.  It’s  a question of supply and demand.  It’s still a good deal, but I wouldn’t purchase a Kindle edition of this or any other book that I’d be likely to use in research and might want to quote in a paper, article, or post on a blog, because Kindle books don’t retain pagination.  The makers of e-readers such as the Kindle need to correct this shortcoming, which would be very easy to do.  Adobe Digital Editions, on the other hand, do retain pagination (at least all of the ones that I’ve seen) and so when I want a new book for research purposes but don’t want to add to the already existing clutter in my home (I have about 8 book cases already) I check to see if it’s available in that format. 

    BTW, JAC is available in PDF format, here:  


    • VinnyJH

      I’m sure it’s worth every penny.

    • James F. McGrath

      Thanks for pointing out the pdf version. I tend to prefer pdf to Kindle, too. I thought the Kindle had integrated some sort of page numbering in at least some books?

  • Alethinon61

    Hey James, my pleasure.  When books are particularly valuable to me in light of my research interests I’ll typically obtain a hard copy, and I’ve done this with three of yours so far.  I still have to get your updated book on the resurrection, and you can be sure that I’ll get any forthcoming updates of JAC and TOTG.  But I really do have to control the clutter in my apartment, and so I have a fair number of e-books, along with books from LOGOS.

    As for Kindle books with page numbers, that’s news to me, and quite possible.  My Kindle was stolen a couple years ago, and I haven’t purchased any new Kindle books since then. 


  • Keika

    Well, Lord Vader has deep pockets so he has purchased the Kindle version and will read it along with his thick paperback copy when he returns from space.  He also waits for “The Only True God” paperback edition to arrive, August 17.  It will float along with the hard copy that the Sith Lord searches to see if there is any way, ‘he’ can take the place of “The One” that the Professor so eloquently writes about in his fine book.    😉