WWJCOB? (What Would Jesus Comment on Blogs?)

There are many people in our time who claim to follow Jesus and to be seeking to emulate him. But it is clear that not everyone who has adopted such an approach to life has given thought to its implications for comments left on blogs. I wonder whether this is a lack of attention on their part, or a lack of imagination – or perhaps simply a rather different imagination.

After all, if one reads the description of Jesus' preaching as “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand,” and you (1) fail to realize that that is a summary of his preaching, and (2) you imagine Jesus walking into conversations that are taking place and interrupting them in a loud voice with this one sentence, and then disappearing, them there might indeed seem to be a basis in Jesus' practice for the way some people approach blog comments.

Anyway, here is a link to a response which a regular commenter on my blog gave to such a drive-by commenter. I really appreciated both its content and its tone, and so wanted to share it.



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  • http://meafar.blogspot.com/ Bob MacDonald

    No comments – here’s one. How long must I put up with this generation?

    of from the psalms: how long will you humiliate my glory, your love empty, your seeking a lie?

    How long will you nurse that particular hurt, you will be demolished, all of you, as a bulging house wall, a fence pushed over.

    Pss 4 and 62.