Finally! Disqus Unsubscribe Button Available

As Sabio Lantz and others have long requested, and I’ve longed to have available, Disqus has finally integrated a separate button into the comment template used on my blog, allowing one to easily subscribe to and unsubscribe from a particular post’s comments. Look for the option at the bottom (and lest anyone be confused or frustrated, note that there is a screenshot below of what the end of a post looks like!):


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  • Michael Hazell

    Boy oh boy are those ads bad. @danielha:disqus ads like that are being served?

  • Sabio Lantz

    Very nice! Thanx for the mention and the note.
    So, If I don’t click “subscribe”, I am not subscribed? It is still bad design. Look at all the crap they put between this comment box and the “subscribe” button. Geez.
    Oh well, step in the right direction. I’ll bet lots of folks don’t follow not — they won’t be able to figure out how to do it! :0

    • James F. McGrath

      I assume that if you comment it subscribes you, and so at that point you could click “Unsubscribe” and not get any subsequent e-mails.

      You could also click “subscribe” and be notified of comments even without commenting yourself.

    • Ryan

      If you have a Disqus account, you’ll receive email notifications by default for replies to your comments only. If you wanted email updates any time a comment was posted in a thread (not just replies to you), then you would have to click that subscribe link.

      We’ll continue improving notifications options, but right now those preferences live in your Notifications tab here:

      • James F. McGrath

        Thank you for the clarification and additional information!

  • rhonda kelly 07


  • Melhores Músicas

    Well, I think it’s a nice function so … thanks for the post