We Have To Go Back!

Nikki Stafford, whose wonderful blog became known to many of us during the era of LOST but also focuses on many other shows and topics, created Lostaholics Anonymous a while back. Have any readers of this gone back (as I still hope to do at some point) and rewatched the show from the beginning, knowing how it would end, to see what that would be like (and whether some mysteries sorted themselves out in the process)? Have you found another show that provides the same sort of experience – from personal enjoyment to online conversations and speculations? To focus on the question central to Nikki’s recent post: Should we hope that there will be such a show, or should we let LOST be LOST and move on? Is there a LOST-shaped void in your life, and if so, are you seeking fulfillment, or have you learned to accept the restless angst of post-LOST existence?

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  • skinman

    I missed Lost for awhile but there is plenty of good television out there. Dr. Who is good at weaving an arc over a whole season and beyond. But for pure intensity and visceral enjoyment I love The Walking Dead. The great thing with Dead is that AMC shows The Talking Dead afterwards which has done away with my need to go to the internet for a fix (which is how I found your blog back when I wanted more Lost). I do plan on rewatching Lost, just not sure when I’ll get around to it.

  • Gary

    The Walking Dead, on AMC. I think I’ll pass. Checked in on it a few times. Seemed like the plot was cobbled together as an excuse to show walking-dead heads cut off, or being shot in the forehead. Much too violent for me. Intensity is OK, but why be so graphic? I cringe thinking about kids watching it.