Do We Need To Put God Back In The Weather (Channel)?

A friend shared this on Facebook:


I have commented on many occasions before on the noteworthy fact that most religious believers are secularists when it comes to the weather. Even the few who offer loud and obnoxious claims that severe weather indicates divine displeasure do so selectively. The always see severe weather as judgment on those they hate, but when severe weather impacts them, I do not ever recall a single one of them saying they were moved to repentance and will no longer be taking the stance they did.

It is important to notice when people are being selective in their reference to God in this way. Occasionally it will reflect a well-thought-out theological stance. More often, it will indicate the fact that they are not actually concerned with God, but are using God selectively to advance some agenda. I hope that the day will come when most religious believers, when they see that being done, will recognize it for what it is, and condemn it rather than applaud.

Yes, we have snow here in Indianapolis. For those of you who don’t have snow, here’s U2 performing “I Believe in Father Christmas,” the ELP classic.

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