Relief from Noisy Ads

Some of you may have come to this blog and had a noisy ad start playing – probably one for Mucinex and an online drugstore, if your experience was like mine. I think the presence of ads that make noise automatically cheapens web sites and disrupts our enjoyment of them – and it never, ever makes someone want to buy the product in question.

I want it to be clear to readers that, as far as I am concerned (and the folks at Patheos agree) there ought to be no ads whatsoever on my blog that automatically play sounds, or in other ways make it so that you feel that visiting my blog is a hassle, something that you cannot do at work, or in other ways disruptive rather than enjoyable.

Alas, there is no way to eliminate such ads from the outset. But it most certainly is possible to ban an ad in response to a complaint. And so I am asking that you complain, if and when you encounter such ads.

Here’s what you need to do: If you encounter an ad that makes noise, please take a screenshot and send it to me, and also indicate the URL that the ad links to. I will send it to the folks at Patheos, who will then make sure that the ad never appears on the Patheos website ever again.

I apologize to anyone who has experienced a noisy ad, and appreciate your help in ensuring that they are eliminated from the site to the greatest extent possible. And I thank you in advance for helping to eliminate them!

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  • Neil Rickert

    What I have been seeing are ads that don’t automatically make a noise, but they start making a noise as soon as the mouse moves over them. Since the ads tend to be on the right, near the scroll bar, it is very easy to accidently move the mouse over the top of an ad.

    This particular post seems clear of such ads.

  • bandringer

    I have a virgin mobile ad much plays after a mouse hover.