The American Samaritan

In a comment on yesterday’s post depicting a “Bad Samaritan,” it was suggested that there were ways of depicting a conservative American outlook that might be more accurate. It inspired the above image. What do you think? If the “Good Samaritan” in the story in Luke’s Gospel reflected conservative American values, rather than those of Jesus and early Christianity, do you think the character would have set off on a quest of retribution against those who left a man for dead alongside the Jericho road?

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  • … do you think …


    The Good Samaritan was doing a good deed of opportunity. It was something that he encountered in ordinary life, where he could help. He was not some sort of super-hero out to avenge all evil in the world.

    I did think your “bad samaritan” post was spot on.

  • Straw Man

    I think the first poster doesn’t accurately reflect conservative thinking. This one may not–or it may capture only one facet, say–but I think it comes much closer. A conservative won’t smear mud on his face and take off with a rocket launcher, but he will vote for “law and order” candidates who promise to “clean up the streets,” etc.

    Especially good was, “He won’t just take you to an inn…” A common caricature of conservatives is that they would refuse to help, but I don’t think that’s accurate. Your average conservative is also a human being, and would I think be about as likely to help as your average liberal. Both of your posters ask what would happen NEXT. Would liberals call for sword control? Would conservatives call for the “gang bangers on the Jericho road” to be thrown in Joe Arpaio’s hellish prison? You betcha.

  • Yup. He will define anyone who resembles your attackers as bad guys and bravely send drones to kill them and any women and children unfortunate enough to be in the field of fire. And in doing so, he will plant the seeds of the next relaliatory attack, Meanwhile, back at the inn, someone else (probably women) will undertake the work of actually tending your wounds and healing your broken heart. (Because real men don’t bother with stuff like that.)

  • Gary

    “do you think the character would have set off on a quest of retribution against those who left a man for dead alongside the Jericho road?”

    In honor of Joe Arpaio, mentioned by Straw Man: The Dick Cheney approach. Issue a sole source contract from the Pentagon to Hallibuton. Purpose, Shock and Awe. News article, “Samaritan accuses enemy of developing weapons of mass destruction”. Bombing begins at midnight, news at 11:00″.

    One exception. Since Vietnam, the Pentagon doesn’t issue body counts to the news agencies anymore. They have proved to be counterproductive to the mission goals. You have to admit one thing. We are much more efficient at killing, than any enemy we’ve had.

  • Kaz

    I don’t know why, but this reminded me of Bill Clinton, who ordered bombing attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan right around the time he was getting heat for his affair with M.L.

    • Gary

      I’m not defending Bill Clinton, but…limited attacks, with cruise missiles, that did not endanger American lives, and actually blew up a lot of empty huts, as I remember. As we like to say, a measured response. Not all out war. Although the cruise missiles, at about $1M each, were truly a waste of money. But better than all out war. Just ask someone that got their legs blown off.

      • Gary

        Bill can do whatever he wants, if only he’d bring back a balanced budget, and NOT engage in any wars. What an imaginative approach. Republicans should have more sexual escapades. Maybe that would get them off war fighting.

        • Kaz

          Um, Obama is also overseeing a war, remember?

    • So he shouldn’t have been trying to strike Bin Laden and his training camps?

      • Kaz

        I’m not sure why BC’s bombings were the first thing that sprang to mind when I read this blog entry. Maybe it’s because Sly and BC both have that pouting lower lip. Of course, with Sly it always savors of indignation, whereas with BC it’s just a goofy mannerism.

  • Frederick

    The history of applied American “good samaritan” politics 101(in great detail)

  • plutosdad

    The only thing inaccurate about the earlier “Bad Samaritan” poster was that most people find it hard to say no when they are presented with someone in need right in front of them. However, once the person in need is a nameless somebody they will never meet (who might even have darker skin) then it is very easy to write them off and say they are lazy or just evil.

    People who grew up with so much privilege they don’t even know it shout “moral hazard”; but if you actually talk about research into behavior, genetics, and childhood they don’t want to hear it – they keep repeating “no one helped me” without realizing actually yes, a lot of people helped them and they never knew it.

  • Tearfang

    lol nice pic

    Though, maybe it doesn’t have quite the affect you intend. To speculate with any authority on what a fictional character(good Samaritan) who is left mostly undefined, would do seems disingenuous.

    There is something good, just and american to sentiment in the pic and I cheer it. It is a good act. Certainly bringing the criminals to justice is a good thing?