The War on New Year’s Day

The War on New Year’s Day December 26, 2012
© François Caspar

You may think that, now that Christmas is over, the war on Christmas will cease to be such a concern for a few months, and people of faith can relax. But it is not so. There is a very serious related issue that Christians dare not neglect: The War on New Year's Day.

As I have blogged about before, New Year's Day is a Christian holiday. It commemorates the anniversary of the day on which a Romanian monk miscalculated the year in which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born.

It is not just secularists who are part of the anti-Christian anticalendrical movement. The Chinese, Jews, Muslims, ancient Babylonians and many others are all seeking to undermine the Christian year by observing other days as the start of their “new year.”

Many American companies are yielding to pressure from these groups. Pandering to concerns about political correctness, they have been instructing their employees to wish customers “Happy New Years Day” rather than “Happy New Year’s Day”.

The difference is subtle, but we who stand for the truth will not allow it to go unnoticed. Truly committed Christians will be listening carefully for the lack of apostrophe, and for those who cannot hear the difference, there will often be printed signs, flyers, and notices which make a store or organization's anti-Christian stance clear. Just be on the look out for mentions of “New Years Eve” where you know it should say “New Year's Eve.” It means that they have embraced pluralism. Boycott any stores that are guilty of this ungodly heretical anapostrophism.

I appeal to you, brethren. Fight the good fight. Make sure that you drink too much champagne on December 31st as midnight approaches, and not on one of the other days celebrated by the heathen. Too much is at stake. Imagine the confusion if we had allowed crowds and brightly lit orbs to descend upon Times Square all throughout the year.


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  • Jeff Carter

    Liturgically, New Year’s day was Dec. 2. I’ve already celebrated…

  • Just Sayin’

    I agree. The NY for Christians is Dec. 2nd. And, please, Christmas is NOT over, it ends on Jan. 6th with the Feast of the Magi!

  • As a cosmic pluralist, I must say, I find this post quite offensive!


  • Jerry Wilson

    I can understand the Jewish recalcitrance; I’m more appalled that the ancient Babylonians have not accepted the real New Year’s Day.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    How long before some Christianese Culture War True Believer mistakes this for dead serious and calls Jihad for real?

    With the whole Duck Dynasty flap dying down, the Faithful are going to need a New Urgent Cause to Mobilize and March.