Martin Luther King Quotes


Some more quotations from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. courtesy of Buzzfeed.


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  • Bob Demyanovich

    Who we are is more than the flesh in which we personally
    first became aware. This is why bigotry and racism are so tragic since the
    child of God is not that flesh. The crippled or diseased body is a different
    test of spirit. The child of God in these instances still chooses to unite with
    God or is unrighteous. We did not choose our flesh, or where we were born into
    this existence.  Choice is the meaning of
    human life.  Choice is the most precious
    ability for individuals.  Choice is the
    person; it confirms, expresses their presence, their existence.  There is no purpose for judgment without

    There would be nothing gained by the exercise that is human
    life without freedom of choice. The entirety of our existence is not the span
    of this flesh; it is a momentary exercise to prove who we are. We are made in
    the image of God. God is a spirit. We unite with His Spirit or we rebel.

  • Mark Erickson

    Martin Luther King Jr. sure was a theological liberal. Search his sermons and writings for “Christ”. You won’t find many mentions. He was basically an Unitarian with a pessimistic view of human nature (“sin”). Here’s his 1966 Ware Lecture: