Interesting License Plate

What do you think? Accidental or specially ordered? Real or Photoshopped? Uninteresting or really cool symbolism about trust in God making one unconcerned about end times mania?

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  • Jeff Carter

    I would guess that it’s shopped…. the numbers aren’t embossed.

    • PrickliestPear

      I looked at Arizona plates on Google images, and they didn’t look embossed, either.

      • Jeff Carter

        hmmm. i am wrong every now and again. this must be one of those times.

  • rmwilliamsjr

    our numbers/letters are no longer raised but just a decal. it’s a genuine plate

  • WP

    Well, if it’s a custom plate or even photoshopped, the author/owner has a good sense of humor. If it’s a real plate that happened randomly (?), then the Universe has a sense of humor, and the joke’s on us (or fundies/evangelicals who take Revelation way too literally). Big LOL!