God of Evolution Responds to Ken Ham

The blog God of Evolution posted the above response to Ken Ham. Much more succinct than my own!


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  • John Hawthorne

    One of the most telling pieces of the Ham critique is the phrase “what Moses wrote in Genesis”. It speaks volumes about assumptions of a written document by an informed author. If one said “Genesis as recorded by Moses” is begins to open the door a bit. If one said, “the collection of oral traditions recorded and ascribed to Moses” it’s impossible to make the Luke argument. Besides, what if the prophets take a different view? And while I’m at it, was creation really the centerpiece of the lesson Dives (not Lazarus) was to hear from Abraham?

  • Jon Hendry

    I guess Ham is also apparently a 2PC: a “2 Passages Creationist”, denying that there are “3 passages” despite the clear evidence that there are more than 2 passages.

    Ironically, the “Were you there?” gambit won’t work for him on this one.

  • Herro

    Ken Ham saying that he will provide two biblical passages and then actually giving more than two isn’t a contradiction or a mistake. Since he gives three there are actually also two passages there. It would only be a mistake or a contradiction if he had said something like: “only 2 and not 3 passages” 😉

    • PorlockJunior

      Well, to be fair, would Ken Ham expect the Spanish Inquisition?