Guest Speaker(s) Sought

I had a conversation today with a colleague connected with the campus ministry that extended the invitation to Answers in Genesis to speak at their lunchtime gathering this coming Thursday. He appreciated my concerns and criticisms, and would love to have an alternative perspective represented at a future meeting.

And so I am writing this to ask whether there are any biologists who are Christians, or Christian scholars whose work has focused on creation in the Bible, who are not young-earth creationists or the like, who within driving distance of Indianapolis, and who would be open to making a guest appearance on campus at some point in the future.

Lest I be misunderstood, this blog post should not be construed as a formal invitation! I’m planning to compile a list of possible speakers which I will pass on to the colleague I mentioned, and then that campus ministry can decide what to do with it. But if you’d be interested in coming to speak at Butler University and fit the descriptions I gave, do let me know! And if you know a possible speaker whom you could recommend, such suggestions are likewise welcome!

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  • Kyle Greenwood

    That’s great, James. I would love to be considered if I were in the area. Of course, you have John Walton at Wheaton, as well as Mark Noll at Notre Dame (has done work with biologos). You may also want to look at the American Scientific Affiliation (, who seems to have a chapter at Wheaton. Former Calvin College physicist Deborah Haarsma is the current president of Biologos, but I’m not sure if she has relocated for her new position. The Colossian Forum is similar to Biologos in its mission and is located in Grand Rapids. Rob Barrett is the director there and has degrees in physics and Hebrew Bible. He would be outstanding. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for these suggestions! John Walton came to campus once before and it was great.