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I have long had a widget in my sidebar that shared links to interesting posts and news items elsewhere. Unfortunately, that widget seems to be causing the blog to load very slowly, resulting in error messages and other frustrating experiences for readers. I hope to find a widget that will work without such side-effects, but as you may have noticed, the widget is gone at least temporarily.

But that doesn't mean that you cannot see what I share! All you need to do is add this feed to your RSS reader:

I'll be curious to know what others think of this option, and whether adding this feed to Feedly or some other such RSS reader is in any way less convenient – or more convenient – than me having the sidebar.

If it does seem less convenient, let me try to make it up to you by sharing some links to things I've found interesting around the blogosphere.

David Capes discusses the famous hymnic Christological passage, Philippians 2:6-11.

Mark Goodacre shared videos with performances of the Gospel of Mark. He also added some new audio and video resources.

Matthew Malcolm blogged about why mythicist arguments fail to persuade. See also Gavin R's post about the difficulties involved in recovering the life of a particular famous individual.

Nijay Gupta drew attention to a free sample from a forthcoming book, including a conversation between John Dominic Crossan and Ben Witherington about the message of Jesus.

John Byron shared a digital model of Rome.

Scot McKnight continued to blog about women in the world of Jesus.

Jim Davila linked to an article about Gnosticism, with Matrix references. There is also an interesting student article in AGORA journal on Gnosticism, an open-access publication which AWOL highlighted recently.

Jill Moffett Howard reached Krakow.

Pete Enns blogged about the future for Evangelical professors.

IO9 had a round-up of movie scenes where heroes get advice from a priest. They also shared Matt Smith's thank you video to everyone involved in Doctor Who, in particular the fans.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars became available for purchase.

Finally, enjoy the beautiful cadences of the Arabic language, employed wonderfully by Farah Chamma to challenge religious extremism in her own tradition.


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  • Sherry McCameron Peyton

    Not a problem for me. I read everything in my Old Reader (since Google is discontinuing its reader). I’d be lost without it. You have led me to some great blogs and sites, so do keep up the good work!

  • William Pitcher

    Did you ever find a widget for this? Searching for one is a challenge because the results that come up are about people sharing links to you rather than you sharing the links of others on your blog.

    • James F. McGrath

      For a while I found that Delicious was working quite well as a way of sharing, but then the Delicious share button vanished from Feedly. It is as though those who help us read blogs don’t want us to share what we read with others!

      • William Pitcher

        I tried using the Facebook Like Box widget; creating a Facebook page; posting favourite links to the page and getting them on my blog that way. It means there may be other updates that show as well, but that’s fine..

        I am not sure if a blogroll plugin with RSS tie-ins would be the answer for you or not. You can find several by searching for blogroll plugins.

      • William Pitcher

        Sorry for the double reply, but I have continued searching and I think this is what you are seeking:

        It costs $19, but this one is free: