Who Do My Opponents Say That I Am?

No, this blog post is not asking about my opponents. It is to mention that a book to which I contributed, Who Do My Opponents Say That I Am?: An Investigation of the Accusations Against the Historical Jesus (Library of New Testament Studies), is now available as an ebook.

At present it is only available in those formats (epub and pdf) from the publisher’s website, but I presume that eventually you’ll be able to get the ebook from Amazon and other vendors as well.

In addition to my own piece on “Jesus as False Prophet,” the volume includes Scot McKnight’s treatment of Jesus as mamzer, an idea which I interact with and respond to in my article “Was Jesus illegitimate? The evidence of his social interactions,” which you can read online on my Selected Works page.

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  • Ian

    Fascinating. I rather balked at the $130 cover price, but at least the PDF is reasonably priced!