And Now, For Something Delicious

In response to my recent posts about sharing, it was pointed out that Delicious also allows for the public sharing of links. And so I have created a Delicious account, using the same nickname as I use on Twitter, ReligionProf, and will share things there for those who may prefer that format.

UPDATE: You should be able to add my shared items from Delicious to your RSS feed reader, to replace the one from The Old Reader. The feed address should be . Please let me know if that works!


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  • TrevorN

    SO, having put your OldReader “interests” into my feedly feed, it seems I now have to replace that with something else. Feedly isn’t recognising , so I’m stuck with having Yet Another Source of Aggregation (& Aggravation). Is that about right?

    • It is indeed aggravating that Google Reader got rid of the share button, and then shut down service entirely, and now TheOldReader is doing the same. I have been trying as hard as I can to find a replacement solution that will be convenient to blog readers and also unlikely to shut down service in the near future.

      I think that my shared Delicious items can be added to your feed reader using this link:

      I think you should also be able to do that with my Twitter feed using this:

      I will probably send some things to Delicious that I don’t share on Twitter, to be honest, but the really interesting things I will Tweet. Please do let me now whether this works for you!

      • TrevorN

        It’s working 🙂 though I can’t say I’m impressed with the way Feedly displays the posts – the urls are so long they occupy all the space that used to show the first few lines of the content. But that’s not your fault!

  • Pinboard’s better:

  • TrevorN

    Some more feedback (or feedlyback) for you: I added your delicious feed to feedly, but not your twitter feed. Despite this, feedly is reporting both. My earlier comment about enormous urls applies only to the twitter version; every link that appears in the feedly list appears twice. Looks like there’s some automatic cross-posting going on?
    (edit: unless oldreader is still firing stuff at me, I’ve just cleaned up my feeds and we’ll see what tomorrow brings 🙂 )

    • Thanks for the Feedlyback! (I love that term!) Any change? There are hints that TheOldReader might remain public, but I am not sure that it is worth trying to go back to it. So hopefully we can figure out what is causing the duplication.

      • TrevorN

        OK. The good news is there are no more duplications. And posts you make here on Patheos are showing up in feedly as before.

        The not quite so good news is that posts you link to are showing up but for these posts there is no content visible in the feedly display. (I normally use the magazine view but this problem is common to all the view options.) At least the titles are titles now, and not urls 🙂

        Maybe that’s just how it’s going to be, but the links you used to make through oldreader showed the content in feedly, just like everything else in my feeds does normally.

        I hope it’s not just my problem because you’re going to a lot of trouble just for me if it is :-/

        • I am happy to help. I want readers to enjoy reading this blog, not merely put up with it when feeds or formats or other things make it a less pleasant experience than it should be.

          It may be that there are settings in Delicious or in Feedly that I can change that will give a preview or full content.

          Apparently TheOldReader is not going away after all. But having suggested that they might do so, and having found an alternative and having asked people to switch, I don’t know that going back makes much sense.

          • It looks like Delicious depends entirely on the user of it to insert any comments or summary that they want to. If I try to do so when a headline is not self-explanatory, will that be enough?

            What do you, and anyone else reading this, think? Would going back to TheOldReader be a better choice?

            I really don’t mind either way – I just want to be able to read RSS feeds, and conveniently share them with those who are interested in having me do so. And so I don’t really mind one way or the other, and it seems as though each option has advantages, disadvantages, and risks.