Citation Needed

Image by Dan4th. HT vjack

I emphasize information literacy a lot here on my blog, and even more so in classes that I teach. Learning to not just click “share” or “like” without fact-checking, looking up the source of a quotation, and so on, is a key part of this. I like the way this image substitutes a request for a citation in the place where one often finds a slogan or quotation whose basis is at best unclear.

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  • Peter Kirby

    Looks shopped. 😛

  • James Dowden

    My mischievous side wants to circulate a meme on Facebook, consisting of some suitable image and the words “Yea, the LORD helpeth him which helpeth his own self. — Proverbs 9:24” and see quite how many people would fall for it. Fortunately my artistic side fails enough that I haven’t tried that little experiment.