Publishing Short Science Fiction

The students in my Religion and Science Fiction class this semester had as one of their assignments to write a short story. One student’s story was not only significantly longer than the others, but it seems to me to be of publishable quality. Although I am a science fiction fan, I must confess that most of my reading of short stories has been in book collections rather than when they first appear in periodicals. And so I thought I would ask for advice. Does anyone have recommendations for places where a first-time science fiction author might have the possibility of getting a story published?

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  • Joshua Smith

    Definitely check They’re a reputable source for finding calls for submissions.

  • Joshua Smith

    Here’s the Call For Submissions page:

  • gav42 is a well-respected market listing site which has a Speculative Fiction focus. It divides its listings up by how much they pay (Pro, Semi-Pro, Pay, Token, Exposure)

  • SelfAwarePatterns

    If it’s at least 5000 words, they could do a Kindle single.

  • tournevis

    Your student should send his/her story to one of the lesser known SF/F magazines, such as Strange Horizons, or The Future Fire, or The Daily Science Fiction, or Subterranean Magazine.

  • gsteidley