Ken’s Ark

PZ Myers shared the above graphic, which uses a comparison to illustrate the problems with claiming that the Noah’s ark story is a factual one. But it seemed to need to be updated, given the fact that Ken Ham’s ark replica park is sinking. And of course, like so many conservative Christians, he is happy to attribute his successes to divine power, but thinks it makes sense to blame Satan for his failures.

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  • Eric von Däniken

    Giorgio Tsoukalos would be disappointed because you failed to factor in the Ancient Alien hypothesis.

    Perhaps Giorgio is correct — there IS a conspiracy amongst scholars to suppress the truth!


  • PorlockJunior

    Since Scienceblogs/Wordpress will not allow me to use my FYWP login at Pharyngula, I’ll note it here:

    A commenter notes that in addition to all the fresh water from the skies (which would kill the saltwater fish), the springs of the deep also contributed to Noah’s sea; he asks whether they are salty.

    Answer, had he thought about it:
    They are worse than salty; they are full of unpleasant inorganic salts in a highly reduced state (poisonous to freshwater and ocean fish, and the brackish-lovers as well), and they are hot as blazes.

    However, would the sum of all the “black smokers” in the ocean
    contribute very much of the total volume? The Bible doesn’t seem to have the answer, but I’m sure Ken Ham does.