Mark Goodacre and Robert Orlando: Polite Bribe Pre-Screening Interview

Via Mark Goodacre’s blog

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  • I commend this video. Orlando was refreshing. His perplexity at the conservative-liberal divide over biblical texts was candid and vulnerable. Mark was his usual congenial self.

    • spinkham

      The original NC Triangle area showing was supposed to be with Bart Ehrman as host. I’m guessing that interview would have been a bit different in tone, and am curious if the director was intentional about making that change. (There’s only about 30 minutes separating the two showing locations.)

  • spinkham

    Oh man, I bought tickets for the first showing in nearby Raleigh which got canceled due to hurricane Sandy. I didn’t hear about this showing or I would have been there, I had checked for upcoming showings not too long ago I thought.

    Oh well, this way I get to see the interview anyway, still waiting to see the movie though!

    • Robert Orlando

      We just cannot accommodate all of the invites. Also, I think the Hurricane comes under the “Act of God” clause (homage Woody). I have recently been in discussion about returning with A Polite Bribe to NC Chapel Hill in April, but nothing has been decided. We have also been capturing some of the events on video to send to those with no available screenings.