Culture Wars

The truth is, evangelical Christians have already “lost” the culture wars.And it’s not because the “other side” won or because evangelicals have failed to protect our own religious liberties.  Evangelicals lost the culture wars the moment they committed to fighting them, the moment they decided to stop washing feet and start waging war.

And I fear that we’ve lost not only the culture wars, but also our Christian identity, when the  “right to refuse” service has become a more sincerely-held and widely-known Christian belief than the impulse to give it.

The above quote from Rachel Held Evans comes from the post “Walking the Second Mile.”

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  • Censored

    The culture wars are primarily between two groups of bigots, anti-gay bigots and anti-gun owner bigots. Many progressives, including Rachel, rightfully discard one bigotry, only to pick up the other. American Christianity is like watching George Costanza doing The Opposite, without the comedy. All one has to do is be a member of both the ACLU and the NRA to be condemned by the majority of America’s pastors. Weird how supporting the whole Bill of Rights turned into such a sin.

  • TrevorN

    I don’t approve of gun owner bigots either.