Daniel and the Worm Hole

A website which bears the running title “A Brief History of Time…In Advance” was drawn to my attention by a student. It includes gems like this: “The Einstein Method reveals that Daniel received words from outside time-space through the Archangel Gabriel.”

Since the website claims to be based on a book by someone named John Zachary, Gabriel’s Faces: Voice Of The Archangel, I can only presume that he is also the author of the site.

I’m pleased that the student was able to identify that the site was problematic, and at the same time wonder what makes such a site even seem worth mentioning. If one wishes to interact with conservative views, or even problematize the notion that scholars who claim that Daniel is prophecy are genuinely drawing that as a conclusion rather than holding it as a presupposition, there are people with PhDs and jobs at educational institutions to interact with.

If you have to rely on a website where the author does not identify who they are, or their qualifications and expertise cannot be verified, or who writes “worm hole” instead of “wormhole,” then the viewpoint in question is probably not the sort of thing appropriate for inclusion in an academic assignment.

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  • arcseconds

    ‘time-space’ is also a bit of a curious construction. I suppose there’s no particular reason that ‘space’ goes first, but traditionally the manifold is of course known as ‘spacetime’.

    • James Walker

      I’m reasonably certain the construction goes “spacetime” rather than “time-space” because space consists of the first three dimensions (geometrically speaking) and time is usually referred to as the fourth dimension.