Betty Bowers’ Handy Bible Interpretation Guide

Via Mrs. Betty Bowers on Facebook. This is a new version of something of hers that I shared a couple of years ago.


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  • Hydroxonium

    The tragedy lies in the fact that those afflicted by this illness either deliberately ignore their own hypocrisy, or are unable to see it in themselves.

  • TomS

    But am I to do when there is no obvious statement endorsing what I want to hear?
    For example, when there is nothing about modern species diverging from the small number of kinds on the Ark? Or when there is nothing about there being no relationship between kinds (that is, fixity of kinds)? Keeping to sola Scriptura?

    • James F. McGrath

      You are of course then free to make things up and to call them the “clear implications” of what the Bible (supposedly) says. See the Answers in Genesis website if you need examples how this is done.

  • Gary

    Not being familiar with “Betty Bowers”, I had to google the site. I saw the definition of marriage being one man/one woman. Although rather caustic, I cannot argue with it. Makes biblical marriage an oxymoron.