North Star

A while back I shared a quote from Samantha Field which I turned into a meme image. I’ve been thinking since then that “North Star” ought to be a song, exploring the theme of that quote. I’ve been tinkering with ideas and the above is a demo version of what I’ve come up with. Let me know what you think! The lyrics are in the video, and also below.

North Star

by James F. McGrath


We take a phrase

Make it a flag

And then a banner raised before us

Marching to war

Over ideas

Certain that God is fighting for us

What if our God

Thinks it’s a shame

Some of the things

Done in God’s name

How can we know

What we should do

Which way to go

Which things are true


What if we let love be our north star

Let the light that shines so brightly guide us from afar

What if we let love be our north star

Our north star


Dogma and creed

People who bleed

Which of these things should really matter

Your eyes are fixed

Not on the slain

But on your flag that lies in tatters

What if a voice

“Let there be light”

Still calls us out

Out of the night

Don’t let the lie

It’s all black and white

Keep all the colors

Hid from your sight



Why should your God

Take all the blame

For all these things

Done in God’s name?

How will you know

What you should do

Which way to go

Which things are true


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  • Profoundly meaningful and inspiring. Thanks!
    (lyrics especially apply to my personal life right now)