Saddest Search of the Internet Age

One of the reasons I focus so much attention on information literacy skills, and require students to not merely say “I found it on JSTOR,” is that it is important to know how to cope without resources that we normally rely on.

The best example of this in our time is relying on Googling for answers, which can be an enormously helpful resource – until the problem you need to Google is about how to fix your internet…

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  • GakuseiDon

    Yep. In the old days, we used to say “RTFM!” (“Read the F***ing Manual!”) for IT problems. Nowadays it is “Google it!” But Google can be a two-edged sword. Right at the end of this clip (around the 7 min mark), Bill Maher says that Paul didn’t believe that Jesus lived on earth, but only in “the heavenly realm”. When challenged, Maher finishes with “Look it up man, use the Google”.

    • MattB

      Bill Maher’s a mythicist. Paul did not believe in a heavenly Jesus, he believed that Jesus was real. You would have to be crazy to believe that Jesus was fictional and not real

      • Michael Wilson

        Or you could do as Maher does and lazily use a Google search to do your research and and then stop at the first response that makes you feel happy. Its sad that Doherty is getting a plug on a popular show.

        • MattB

          Lol, yeah, that’s Bill Maher for you. I hope I wasn’t being too harsh, but I’m so tired of hearing these bad arguments from mythicists. It sounds like he gets his info from Doherty(like you said) and Carrier.

    • Neko

      Mythicism proclaimed in faith!

  • How is it sad? Many people have more than one Internet connection.