Star Wars Bible Translations

I made the first image inspired by a comment made here on the blog recently about Yoda’s Literal Translation, poking fun at Young’s Literal Translation.

I made the second one simply because I speak Wookiee fluently and it is such a beautiful language.

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  • Bird on a Beverly

    So which Wookiee dialect would that be: Shyriiwook, Xaczik, or Thykarann?

    (I’m sorry, I had to, couldn’t help myself. XD)

    • James F. McGrath

      Oh drat, did I not write it clearly enough that you could tell which dialect it is? I hate trying to represent any of the Wookiee dialects using the Latin alphabet…. :-)

      • Bird on a Beverly

        Well played, sir, well played. =)

      • Sean Garrigan

        But you are to be commended, because grrrrrr has connotations/nuances that make it just the right term to place on the Wookie’s lips here. You’ve struck the perfect balance between literal translation and paraphrase;-)

  • Sean Garrigan

    LOL — Love the Wookie version I do, yes.

  • Living Liminal

    Just showed this to my son who suggested a Jar Jar Binks translation for Jesus’ words: “Meesa your humble servant.” 😉