Unleash the Beast

An online post has suggested that Monster Energy Drink – with its slogan “Unleash the Beast” – has some connection to the mark of the beast in the Book of Revelation. They point out that the “M” made of slashed claw marks that is their logo looks like three of the Hebrew letter vav, which has the numerical value of “six.” It seems to be lost on them that the number of the beast in the Book of Revelation is not “six, six, six” but six hundred and sixty-six.


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  • Alan Christensen

    Talk about looking for meanings that aren’t there. It reminds me of “Ronald Wilson Reagan=666” (three sets of 6 letters), which I used to share JOKINGLY with people. Only I think this guy is serious.

  • ChuckQueen101


  • arcseconds

    This is sort of the numeric equivalent of the ‘all languages are just English written with different words’ misconception we were discussing a few days ago, isn’t it?

    What’s particularly ironic is that the infographic actually already contains some pretty heavy hints that the Hebrew numbering system may not, in fact, be a decimal system.

  • Tim

    Wow, we will stop at nothing to get our scapegoat fix!

  • arcseconds

    Even if this was deliberate, would it indicate anything more sinister than branding? They’re already going for some kind of occult theme.

  • Jimmy Doyle

    Hey, let’s go even further. Note that MONSTER is actually MφΝςΤΕR, which is clearly a reference to Greek pronunciation of and reference to German mephesto, the short form of mephestopheles which is the Devil.

    And, clearly energy=power. I mean, what a combination: the use of the phrase “unleash the beast”, ווו=666, MφΝςΤΟ, drinking the cup of energy or power!?