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Hello blog readers! I hope that most of you who have subscribed to my blog's RSS feed are continuing to see posts appear. But I know that at least a couple of people have found that, since the Patheos upgrade, they are no longer seeing new posts.

I thought I would mention it, in the hope that if you notice that you are not seeing anything from Exploring Our Matrix, and are sure that I would not simply stop blogging, you will stop by here and find this post.

I am not sure what has caused the issue, but I am pretty sure that if you re-add the blog's RSS feed to your reader, that should resolve the issue. For your convenience, here is the RSS feed address for the blog:

If you still have problems, please let me know and I will pass on the details of the problem you are having to the Patheos tech support people.



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  • Neil Rickert

    I have been getting them.

    I think there was a period of around 1 day, when I did not get any. Then a bunch came in the next day. Fred Clark’s blog had a longer hiatus.

    I have been (and still am) using “” as the feed address in “akregator”.

  • Keith Reich

    This is Keith Reich. .I only now notices that my most recent post from you is from 45 days ago. I re-added you to my feed, and it is up an running again.

    • James F. McGrath

      Glad you noticed! I wonder how many other people think the blog has gone defunct, or haven’t noticed…