Robot Fundamentalists

The website IO9 highlighted my work on religion and artificial intelligence today. Click through to take a look. The chapter that article mentions is available on my Selected Works page. It is from the volume I edited, Religion and Science Fiction:.

The coolest part was that a former student of mine spotted the piece even before it appeared in my feed reader, and got in touch. He blogs about comic books and other topics at Nerd Out With Me. Please do pay his blog a visit!

I took a quick look for images related to religious robots, and there turned out to be an abundance. Here are a few that I thought worked particularly well in conjunction with the theme of my chapter.

robot hajj


futurama robot religion


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  • Shiphrah99

    And then there’s the whole concept behind “Caprica.”

  • Benjamin Martin

    There goes immersion baptism without sufficient waterproofing. Unless the baptismal is filled with WD-40.

  • the_Siliconopolitan

    Presumably robots go straight to Heaven. I don’t see how they could be subject to Adam’s Sin.

  • Russ

    “There is no Master but Master, and QT1 is His prophet.”