LOST Rewatch: House of the Rising Sun

This episode starts with an eye – Sun’s. We begin to learn about the backstory of Sun and Jin. And we have the revelation that Sun learned English and almost left Jin right before their flight.

We also have the first mention of Jack’s tattoos.

This is the episode in which they find the two corpses in the cave, one male and one female, with a pouch with stones, one black and one white. Locke calls them “Our very own Adam and Eve.” It is only towards the very end of the series, in the episode “Across the Sea,” that we learn who the two individuals were, and how they got there.

At the end of the episode, a group goes to live in the cave while others decide to remain on the beach.

The episode is a great illustration of what LOST did so well – it wove mysteries slowly, while the whole time being centered on characters and their stories.

black and white stones



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