LOST Rewatch: One of Them


The episode begins with a flashback of Sayid overseeing shredding of documents, and then being captured by American soldiers during the Iraq war. They get Sayid to help them interrogate his former commanding officer, Tariq. Inman shows to Sayid video indicating that Tariq used Sarin gas in a village where Sayid had relatives.

Danielle Rousseau finds Sayid to take him to where she has caught a man in a trap. He says he is named Henry Gale and from Minnesota. Danielle says he is “one of them.” When Sayid lets him down and then he tries to run, Danielle shoots him with an arrow. She wants Sayid to interrogate him. Danielle says that he will lie for a long time. Sayid takes him back to camp, and then tells John Locke. Sayid insists that Jack not untie him, even while working to remove the arrow. They put him in the armory, and Sayid locks himself in with him and begins the interrogation.

In order to get him to open the door to the armory, Jack keeps Locke from pushing the button. We see Egyptian characters after it reaches zero, but then Locke enters the numbers and it resets to 108 minutes again.

We later learn interesting things about characters we meet for the first time in this episode – not just Ben Linus, but Kelvin Inman, who actually ended up working with the Dharma Initiative.

The hieroglyphs were explained by the producers as meaning “underworld.”


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