Straight Outta Young-Earth Creationism


People are making “Straight Outta Compton” memes, and so I thought this blog should participate. I picked young-earth creationism as a subject for the memes not just because it is an easy target, but because of the terrible harm that young-earth creationism inflicts on Christianity, as well as on science education.



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  • OK, that last one was funny!

    • Phil Ledgerwood

      Agree. “Straight Outta Context” is pure gold. And versatile.

  • Dane

    Spat sangria all over the screen at that last one. This ex-creationist loves your work.

    • Sorry about the wasted sangria and any damage to your screen!

  • The first one’s all right. The second one is a bit muddy and confusing. I mean, I know what it is, but it takes a second to figure out.
    The third one, though? Awesome.

    • ccws

      Unless I miss my guess, #2 is Noah’s older-but-much-harder-to-spell brother, Utnapishtim.

      • Looking at the boat, I believe you’re right.

        • That is indeed correct!

          • I like that version of the flood story – the flood mythologies around the world are so interesting in how they adapt to the landscape. I do think that the flood myth is something of an ur-myth – not universal, but nearly so, and usually representing death and rebirth.

          • Jim Jones

            Ziusudra -> Atrahasis -> Gilgamesh -> Noah