Craig Evans and Richard Carrier to Debate

It seems that Craig Evans and Richard Carrier will be having a debate about whether Jesus existed. I’m glad to see that it is co-sponsored by two organizations, one Christian and one non-religious or anti-religions, although there is a sense in which that co-sponsorship may simply foster the sense that Carrier’s is the natural or appropriate view for an atheist to adopt, and may obscure that Evans’ view is not a Christian one but one that Christians and non-Christians alike share if they work in the relevant academic fields.

Here are the details from the event’s Facebook page:

On April 13, 2016 Ratio Christi at Kennesaw State University and Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at KSU will co-host a public moderated debate between Dr. Richard Carrier and Dr. Craig Evans on the topic “Did Jesus Exist?” As part of the debate there will be an open mic Q and A with the audience.

This event is free and open to the public.

Location: Social Sciences Auditorium 1021

Time: 7:00 pm

Parking: West Parking Deck.

Evans Carrier debate

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