The Popularity of Young-Earth Creationism Explained

It is easier to make fidelity to God about believing the absurd

A quote from a recent post.

"The Principle of Sufficient Reason: To "be" means to stand in relation to a ground."

Conflict among Fallible Humans
"Why is there something rather than nothing? Because all beings are supported by a Ground ..."

Conflict among Fallible Humans
""Fine" in what sense? As a statement of historical fact about what ancient Egyptians believed, ..."

Conflict among Fallible Humans
"But the assertion that the Egyptians thought of cats as gods is fine-after all, they ..."

Conflict among Fallible Humans

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  • David Evans

    I have some sympathy with the YECs. They didn’t put the absurd stories in the Bible, the stories were there already. And sophisticated theologians may have known not to take them literally, but I heard no hint of that when I was attending an Anglican church regularly in the 1940’s and 50’s. If anyone had told me then that the Flood never happened, I think it would not have been long before I thought “If the Bible is wrong about that, why should it guide our actions more than any other ancient book?”