The Real Test of our Faith

Ben Irwin Test of Faith Quote Yezidi Background

“The real test of our faith is not how well we love those who are most like us, but how well we love those who are least like us.”

Ben Irwin, “ISIS, Genocide, and the Real Test of Whom We Love”

The quote is so important that I made two memes, in the hope that different stylistic preferences won’t stand in the way of it being shared far and wide.

Ben Irwin Test of Faith Quote

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  • arcseconds

    He says all this, but he never mentions loving ISIS members!

    This seems like an odd blind spot given the topic.

    Surely “The one we can relate to least? The one we are most likely to write off, dismiss, and marginalize? ” is actually ISIS themselves, not their victims.

    • That’s a great point. I honestly don’t know whether this reflects a blind spot, or just trying to get those who seem not to care about persecution of those who are not Christians to take that next step of caring about all victims. Caring about the perpetrators is harder still, and sometimes these things need to be taken one step at a time.